The Move

Boy that was a long break between postings, and oh boy has a lot happened since I wrote on this site.  I did have plans for some postings last fall, but our big move took up all of our time.  As most of the country is getting back to school, I wanted to take this opportunity to publicly thank everyone who had a hand in helping us move to a new state, a new school, a new home.

I created a video as a way to accomplish that. The video below chronicles our journey from Wisconsin to Colorado, but there are many layers to this video and so it serves many purposes.

I used this video to introduced myself during our first week back with staff as something fun for people to view, as opposed to most of back to school week activities, but it also allowed people to learn more about me and my family and where I came from.  It took a little longer than expected to finish (which is one of the reasons why there hasn’t been a post on this site for a while), but the result was exactly what I had envisioned for this project.  I enjoyed making it; I hope you enjoy watching it!

There are so many people that played a role in helping us move. I want to thank:

Northwoods WI
George & Marsha Slivinski & Family
Ethan Jahnke
Bill Richter
Frank Keeler
Gary Kmiecik
Greg Bassett
Barbara Logan
Bill Draeger
Beverly Stahl

Fox Cities (Green Bay) WI
Erik & Jenny Hanson & Family
Bob Townsend
Mark Conard
Brianna & Brent Hagany

Deerfield (Madison) WI
Shirley Hanson
Jacob Olson

Denver CO
Steve & Susie Smith
Marquetta Meade & Martha
Preston & Heather Davis & Family
Mark Paricio
The Bartholomews
Randy Karr
Entire Smoky Hill High School Staff
The Clarks
Jacquie Marriott
Kellie Ady

All of those listed and others helped ease the burden of packing, unpacking, transportation and lodging, and made the overall transition a positive experience.

Thank you again.  We are certainly enjoying Colorado!


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