Frequently Asked Questions

I am a big believer in voting with your feet and buying products that you believe in.  I also believe that buying American and Local is very important.  I have never seen a company before like Tesla, (or SpaceX).  They have a real purpose, besides making money.  It just makes so much sense to drive with electricity created from the sun or wind and to save our Fosil Fuels (limited resources) for things that need them, like rockets.  I bought my first Tesla because I wanted to be a part of a real solution as well as be a leader for others to do the same.  The goal of renting my Tesla is not to make money, but to share the experience with others and to have some help making the car payments.  I am an educator, I love meeting and interacting with you, the people interested in Tesla cars, as much as driving them.  I will treat you incredibly well, and I hope that you will be thrilled to have rented my Tesla.  I am especially proud that my Teslas are powered by the sun.

You must be at least 30 years old to rent my Teslas.

The links on my website will take you to the Turo Marketplace.  You will need to create an account on Turo in order to rent through them.  It does take a little extra time to get approved to rent a Tesla because they are high value vehicles.  If you sign up with my link, you will receive $25 free toward your first rental:
If you are adding a second driver, Turo requires that driver also to have a Turo account in good standing and to include the required information for the second driver at the time of booking.
No more gas stations.  With 2 supercharger stations in metro Denver, recharging is fast and free!  Charging cords for home (110V) and at any public charging station (208V) are included with the rental.   Take a road trip and all of the fuel can be free if you stop at the superchargers throughout Colorado:  SUPERCHARGING – Free power/fuel throughout Tesla’s huge Supercharging network.
There is absolutely no smoking allowed in or around my cars.  Also, if you are coming to colorado to enjoy the legal weed, etc, please do NOT rent my cars.   If there is odor from drugs or alcohol in my personal vehicles, there will be a min $350 cleanup/detail charge.  Best idea, rent someone else’s car.
My Tesla’s are based in Centennial, CO which is between both Denver International Airport and Centennial Executive Airport. So most deliveries take place there from my home area. Airport & City delivery is possible with advance planning and an extra charge (unless you are renting a car for a week or more and delivery is free). Just request it on your reservation and I will contact you to work out the details.